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📦 Shipping within the contiguous United States is free for all orders over $25 (woohoo!). Shipping time is 2-7 days. For orders under $25 we charge $8 for shipping.

🏔 What about Alaska? And Hawaii?

NEW! And improved! Well, kind of. We're now shipping to Alaska and Hawaii, but it costs $40 per package. We know, it’s steep. That's why we haven't shipped to Alaska and Hawaii in the past, but we've had enough people request to pay the shipping that we decided to make it an option. We really wish we could secure better rates. It’s unlikely to happen soon, but we'll keep trying!

*What's a package? Glad you asked. We pay shipping for each individual package we send out. If you order an individual box of toilet paper, that's a package. At a certain point, though, the order becomes too large to ship as one package, and we have to ship items separately. If you order a 48 pack of toilet paper and a box each of tissues and paper towels, for example, we've got to ship this as two packages. Confusing, we know, but if you have any questions please email us at !

What counts as 1 package?

  • 48 rolls + paper towels OR tissues
  • 24 rolls + paper towels AND tissues
  • 4 orders of paper towels
  • 4 orders of tissues
  • Good Time orders count as 1 package

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