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Get your craft on

3 ways to reuse your wrappers

(and totally impress people)

We make our wrappers as beautiful as possible so our customers can reuse them. And since it’s the giving season, we asked the incredibly talented crafter Kitiya Palaskas to whip up some easy reuse ideas for our latest Naughty and Nice Limited Edition. Enjoy – and please, share your creations with us on Instagram @whogivesacraptp. Or by pigeon (if you have a reliable one).

Present topper

So you bought mum slippers again. It’s ok because she’ll be blown away that you made something!

You will need

2 Who Gives A Crap wrappers | Double-sided tape | Scissors

Pinwheel decoration

This is the ultimate in craftiness, so prepare yourself (and others) for total smugness.

You will need

2 Who Gives A Crap wrappers | Double-sided tape | Split pin | Ribbon for hanging | Hole punch | Scissors

Festive cracker

This cracker is the perfect way to break the ice between Grandma and your new-ish Tinder date.

You will need

Who Gives A Crap wrapper | Who Gives A Crap toilet roll | Double-sided tape | 2 pipe cleaners | Cracker snap strip | Cracker fillings | Crimping shears

Naughty and Nice Limited Edition

(great for naughty and nice crafters)

Stock up xmas2017_Callout-2

Meet Kitiya

Kitiya Palaskas is an Australian craft-based designer with a multi-disciplinary practice. She specialises in prop and installation design, styling, art direction, creative workshop facilitation and DIY content production; focusing primarily on using handmade techniques and traditional craft methods reimagined in a contemporary way. We think she’s awesome - check her out!

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