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Craig & Karl Limited Edition

We’re all about powerful twos, that’s why we sure were glad the incredible illustration duo, Craig and Karl, agreed to create this doubly awesome limited edition for us. Also included are twice as many puns.

$53 for 48 double-length rolls

Who are Craig and Karl?

They’re basically the Queen Bey and Jay Z of the illustration world. These two super talented illustrators have come a long way since meeting in art college in Australia. They’ve created pieces for brands like Nike, Apple, Vogue and Google, so it seemed only fitting we be next in line for a collaboration. Nope, we totally sent them heartfelt poetry and loo roll bribes. As you can see, Craig and Karl have made our wrappers look incredibly cool. Each roll is designed to represent a different feature – eye, ear, nose, mouth or finger. Perfect for Picasso inspired works of art, or endless games of Simon Says. See more of Craig and Karl’s work here.

1 min 15 seconds with Craig and Karl

We sat down with Craig Redman, one half of the duo, to ask some hard hitting questions. You know, like what he looks at on the toilet.

What was the inspiration for your designs for Who Gives a Crap? What do they represent?
Our idea for Who Gives a Crap was to create a different graphic pattern for each of the rolls that featured a single human feature; an eye, an ear, nose, mouth and a finger. We wanted to be playful with our artwork, so the thought was these patterned blocks could be moved around. When stacked, they’d loosely represent an abstracted/cubist face and the arrangement can be individually created by the customer.

How can great design can change the world? Could it happen in someone’s bathroom?
Good design can make you more aware of the world around you, both the good and the bad aspects. Delivering an important message in a smart and meaningful way is a great opportunity to educate and inform the broader community, as well as ourselves.

What do you think are some of the biggest environmental and social issues the world’s currently facing?
There are so many it's hard to pinpoint one. If you start to think of the scale of the environmental issues we're facing, the damage we're doing, the mortifying (and growing) denial of climate change around the around, it's easy to get overwhelmed and want to hide in a corner. The best approach a consumer can do is make smart decisions and show bigger companies that we're all in this together and want to make a change. Who Gives A Crap and their customers are a great example of that.

What do you read/look at while you’re on the toilet?
Instagram, pretty much. We follow a whole bunch of random people, mostly artists and galleries, some furniture designers, cute cats and fashion magazines. We're inspired by lots of different things outside of the design world, it could be something said by a friend, or a discarded flyer on the subway, or a scene from The Real Housewives that triggers a new idea.

$53 for 48 double-length rolls
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